A Day on the Farm

Winter on an alpaca farm

Although winter is often a challenge for the farm owners, it tends to be an enjoyable season for the alpacas. Cooler temperatures, snow and wind really don’t seem to bother them much. Their extremely dense, warm fiber and their adaptability to cold climates make normal winters a breeze for them.  There are some exceptions:  some older animals, crias and skinnies may need a little extra attention.

We always make sure to provide plenty of water (using a heated bucket to prevent freezing), good shelter from the gusty winds and snow or sleet, coats for those who do not tolerate very low temps as well, warm straw bedding, and most importantly, good quality hay.

sassy winterIMG_0681 (2)gabriel1

Even though people may not enjoy the freezing weather, we do enjoy watching our alpacas welcome it and revel in it.