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Alpacas with Disabilities

Stevie is a beautiful 13 year female alpaca who came to us to be fostered until she finds special loving home.  She was born blind.  When Stevie arrived I was very concerned about how she would adjust and if I would be able to help her adjust.  Surprisingly in helping Stevie to learn her new home by leading her to water, food, hay, and back and forth to barn we established a trust and friendship.  I thought it would be difficult but Stevie let me know that I was over complicating her challenges.  She was born this way, she has it all figured out all she needed from me was time and consideration in helping her get her bearings.  Now she is a champ and no one ever knows she is blind unless I tell them.

If you have a blind animal Stevie has some advice:

  • Don’t change things on me because I find things through memory.
  • Talk to me, I follow your voice and I trust you.
  •  Put a wind chime near the water or in the barn so I can find it if I’m confused.
  • Put a bell on a herd mate so I can hear where she is.
  •  Left in a large pasture alone I get lost and very confused.
  • Put a collar on me to help you lead me and always lead me from the same side.
  • Routine is important to me.

We have truly enjoyed Stevie’s time here.  Good news is a very lucky person will be adopting her soon to become a therapy animal.  We wish all the happiness in her new home and career.


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