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What does Alianza and Accoyo alpaca mean

Accoyo comes from the Estancia (Estate/Ranch) Accoyo, owned by Don Julio Barrera. He bred two herds. His first herd of alpacas intended to shear off 20 pounds of 20 micron. These alpacas were bred for density. This was his “A” herd. His “B” herd, often referred to as the Plantel herd, was started later in his career. The animals in this herd were bred for fineness. The Alianza Rural Cooperative herds was actually a group of farms. Their reputation today is one of breeding very fine animals. When the Peruvian government was trying to redistribute the wealth of the country more equitably, one of the things that they did was to confiscate some of the Accoyo animals and give them to other farms. It has been said that the animals that went to the Alianza herds were from the Plantel herd, and that’s why they are so fine.

Thanks to my friend Bill Goebel