Breeding & Birthing

Starting your new alpaca farm

Starting your alpaca farm is an exciting venture into the world of fascinating animals, an innovative fiber industry, people from many places and walks in life, and an adventure in learning about animals and nature in general.  Research and a genuine desire to learn and implement the time, effort and most importantly the love and concern for your business and animals, as well as furthering the alpaca business as a whole are very important.

Kokopele started eight years ago beginning simply out of love for animals and a desire to start a productive farm, including animals that would someday become profitable and rewarding.  Through experience along the way, we are prepared to provide the guidance and advice needed to help others further the industry and come to enjoy alpaca farming as much as we have.
We began by connecting with a knowledgeable farm owner whom we trusted, and who was willing to pass on the secrets of his success.  He led us along the way before (and after!) the decision to purchase a male and pregnant female of stellar lineage.  A few months later, our first cria (baby alpaca) was born. We had a question nearly every day, which he was always willing to answer, and even run to our side. We learned how to catch, handle, trim nails, administer medications and shots and, yes, care for our newborn cria.  That’s him pictured with me; his name is Raphaelli known as Raf.  He’s huge now but he’s still our baby, even though he has been a stud on our farm for the past few years.
Lineage is very important in the alpaca business whether you’re breeding for selling your animals, using them for a stud service, showing them in the many alpaca shows throughout the year, or spinning your own homegrown fiber.  Kokopele has incorporated standards into our breeding program in order to produce some of the finest fiber available.
Once you have made the leap to begin your own special farm it is very important to have help and support from a knowledgeable alpaca mentor.  We are dedicated to this.  Not only will we help you with the hands-on care of your new alpacas, we will guide you through the choices you’ll need to make in breeding animals, shelter and fencing, nutrition, herd management, and medical care.  Your success is our success, and ultimately the success of the entire alpaca fiber and raf