Full Peruvian Accoyo/Alianza Alpacas

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Kokopele Alpaca came about 8 years ago after much research and consideration. Because of a love for all animals and a desire to further a fiber industry that we found to be the best quality fiber available. Since then we have grown from 2 1/2 alpacas to 32 of these fascinating animals, with a few more on the way.

Please look into our sales and feel free to ask any questions. Our Alpacas are full Peruvian, Alianza and Accoyo lineage. We are very proud of them and know that any currently for sale would be an asset to any existing or starting farm. We are committed to the quality and the health of our herd, and yours. In purchasing from us you will receive all the help you may need to have a pleasant, successful and educated adventure in the rewarding experience of being an alpaca farmer. They have truly been a blessing to us.

We welcome you to come and experience the alpaca.

– Chris and Sherry Budniak

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All Full Peruvian Huacaya Alpacas

  • sandy-too

    Sandy is maturing into a lovely female.  She has super density and fineness.  Her curious and sweet demeanor make her fun to be around and would be easily adapted into any farm.  Sandy as with all our alpacas carries on alianza and accoyo traits.

    SALE: $1,000
    STUD: $ N/A $
  • Mario-II

    Full Peruvian grandson of Hemingway

    SALE: $500
    STUD: $Ask For Fee$
  • Raynestorm

    Stormy as we call him is an up and coming star.  Grandson to the famous Dom Timbo he carries that animated tuxedo grey gene.  He is calm and easy to handle.  His fleece is bright and fine.  We have high hopes for his future herdsire career.

    SALE: $1,000
    STUD: $ N/A $
  • T Martin

    TMartin exhibits the fine, soft traits of his Alianza lineage. Grandson of Bueno great grand of Hemingway and son of Maple Brook Manny. TMartin has the potential to improve your herd on several different levels.

    SALE: $3,000
    STUD: $ Ask For Fee $
  • sarilda_2188

    Sarilda will be very hard to part with. She is curious and loves people especially children. She has been a wonderful mom and true joy to have. Sarilda is half Accoyo and has the massive amount of fiber to show it.

    SALE: $2,000
    STUD: $ N/A $
  • autumns-glory-9200

    As you can see Autumn has an impressive blood line and throws gorgeous crias to which she is a top notch mom.

    SALE: $1,500
    STUD: $ N/A $
  • Maple Brook Manny

    Maple Brook Manny is a reserve champion and best crimp winner. Son of the acclaimed Bueno, and a grandson of the legendary Hemingway. Manny is a full Alianza herdsire and is densely covered in that fine, characteristic Alianza fleece. Many breeders have noticed that crossing the blood lines of Accoyo and Alianza has led to the creation of spectacular alpacas. At 8 years of age and 23 offspring he maintains a 22 micron count which is common for Alianzas. Manny's conformation is balanced and heavy boned, with large soft eyes and a kind expression. Many of his offspring are of color and all have his beautiful fleece traits. They also carry on his gentle disposition and stellar health. Both Bueno

    SALE: $ N/A $
    STUD: $1,000
  • Duncan2

    Duncan is one of our favorites on the farm. Curious and cute he makes a perfect PR man. His fiber is dense with good handle.

    SALE: $750
    STUD: $Ask For Fee
  • rayneman-profile

    Rayneman is our host of the farm. Loves to meet and greet all visitors. His laid back and gentle disposition has made him quite the asset. This grandson of Bueno has lovely low micron fiber and could make a suitable herdsire.

    SALE: $750
    STUD: $Ask For Fee
  • Lydia-lynn

    Lydia is a very sweet girl with a soft demeanor and very dense fiber. She too has an impressive family with Hemingway, Presidio, Bueno and Caligula.

    SALE: $800
    STUD: $N/A
  • maxwell-profile

    Maxwell is our perfect gentleman making his tux a very fitting attire. Maxwell's sire is one of the most popular and well known grey herdsires, Dom Timbo. We are delighted to have him in our breeding program and are offering him at a very low stud fee excited to carry on his wonderful disposition and the animated looks of his sire.

    SALE: $N/A
    STUD: $400
  • connemaras-sedona-profile

    Sedona is absolutely the most beautiful young female we have. Her large eyes and striking color along with her balanced confirmation make her a sight to behold. Bueno, Hemingway, Maple Brook Manny and several other impressive family members. She is unproven however we are looking forward to breeding her soon hoping her offspring will be as attractive as she is.

    SALE: $3,000
    STUD: $N/A
  • maple-brook-maxine-profile

    Maxine is daughter of the renowned herdsire Bueno. Granddaughter to the great Hemingway. She is full Alianza which is exhibited in her super bright and fine fiber. At six years of age and offspring on the ground she still has the low micron and fineness expected from her lineage.

    SALE: $5,000
    STUD: $ N/A $
  • kokopele-gabriel-huacaya

    Kokopele Gabriel being 1/2 Accoyo and 1/2 Alianza has the spectacular dense and fine fiber expected with this combination. At four years of age Gabriel has a Micron of only 17.5, CV %> 1.2 He has just come of age to begin his career and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first cria in the spring of 2016. He exhibits the characteristics of a potentially very successful career as a herdsire not only in fiber quality but breeding willingness and skill.

    SALE: $4,000
    STUD: $500
  • kokopele-leonardo-alpaca

    Leo is handsome and reserved. Good fiber and conformation together make he an acceptable prospect for any up and coming breeding program.

    SALE: $750
    STUD: $Ask For Fee
  • cuivre-alpaca-profile

    Cuivre has striking good looks and a wonderful demeanor. Grandson of Bueno, Hemingway line sired by our full Alianza herdsire Maplebrook Manny. Would make a great asset to any breeding program.

    SALE: $2,000
    STUD: $Ask For Fee
  • ruby-adele

    Ruby is a beautiful silky black with an impressive lineage, including Bueno, Titan and Hemingway. She is calm and reserved, an easy birther and a good mom. She would be a great asset and potentially add nice colors to your herd. Can be bred upon request to our herdsire Maxwell.

    SALE: $1,000
    STUD: $N/A